Welcome to DJS Photographic Images

Welcome to DJSphotographicimages.com, a site dedicated to photography and wildlife.

My name is Dave and am based in South East London near the border with Kent. I have produced this site for you to enjoy and view the wildlife as seen through my eyes. Its main purpose is to show the images I have taken of wildlife primarily in the UK. I hope that the content of my site will help to identify different species and prove to be educational and of interest.
By far, the largest volume of images are of birdlife, which fulfils my two main hobbies of bird watching and photography. Whilst all the image are not as good as I would liked to have produced, they are the best that could be managed under the location conditions.
All that we have is what nature has provided for us and what we do with it is up to us!
All I have done is to reflect, to the best of my ability, on what we have. The natural world and its various environments should be looked after and not damaged in any way. It is in our interest to protect what we have and enjoy its abundance of beauty.
I try to produce quality in all that I create, with the tools that I have been given!
Please feel free to comment on my images through the 'contact me' page, or directly to my email address ds1047@yahoo.co.uk

Thank you for visiting.